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java.net.URL Implementation

The org.waterken.url library is a drop-in replacement for the default java.net.URLStreamHandler implementation provided with the JDK. As described in the Javadoc for java.net.URL, activate the WaterkenTM URL handlers by adding a system property definition to the java command line:

java -Djava.protocol.handler.pkgs=org.waterken.url ...

This software is distributed as part of the WaterkenTM Server, under the Open Source MIT License.


  • httpsy implementation
  • http implementation
    • Implements HTTP/1.1
    • Implements HTTP/1.0 persistent connections
    • Shares a single connection for all requests to a given site
    • Implements request pipelining
    • Automatically retries TCP/IP connection using alternate addresses from the DNS
    • Allows an arbitrary HTTP request Method
    • Output is written directly to the network, not to a buffer
    • Input is read directly from the network, not from a buffer
    • Implements RFC 2817 TLS/1.0 upgrade

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