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Making a record

Wrapping an SQL query resource with a <http://waterken.com/sql/record/Record> allows the query return to be treated as an independent resource. Consequently, doing a GET on the resource will automatically execute the SQL query and return the results.

weekly sales Record

In your xdb folder, open the weekly sales <Record> <7dkavsvtr2jbj7v2d7o35es2zm.xml>. In the statement field, the <Record> links to the SQL query resource that it uses. This link is the capability URI of the SQL query resource. You should use a relative URI to refer to the SQL query resource. Just enter the GUID portion of the URI, in this case: "lx2b53xaa5xnsm5mp46unp7h7m".

Run it

Click here to see the weekly sales resource on your machine.

You are looking at the map returned by the weekly sales query. The HTML page is created by a default XSLT stylesheet. The default rendering is useful for development and testing, but you probably want to create a custom rendering for an actual application.

The next page covers setting up a custom XSLT stylesheet to render the weekly sales map.


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