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MS Access tips

If you are running Microsoft Windows, you can use the Waterken/mdb/coffeebreak.mdb database included in the tutorial download.

Configuring the DSN

In Windows, you must register the database as a Data Source Name (DSN). To register the DSN, find the ODBC Data Source administrator. In Windows 2000, it is under "Control Panel/Administrative Tools".

  1. Select the "User DSN" tab.
  2. Click the "add" button
  3. Select "Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)".
  4. Click "finish".

On the next screen:

  1. Enter "coffeebreak" as the DSN.
  2. Select the location of your database, which is Waterken/mdb/coffeebreak.mdb for the database provided in the tutorial download.
  3. Click "OK".

If this configuration does not work, register the DSN as a system DSN. Follow the instructions above, but choose the "System" tab in step one.

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