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What is the difference between a type, a schema, and a namespace?

A type and a schema URI are the same thing. A schema URI identifies the schema for a certain type of document Node. A namespace is the set of all the Names used in a particular type of document Node. The main purpose of the schema is to contain this namespace enumeration.

For example, see the http://waterken.com/adt/hashed/Set type. The Set namespace includes the Names:

  • 'insertion_model'
  • 'equivalence'
  • 'element'

Is the WaterkenTM Doc document model the same thing as HTML's document object model (the DOM)?

No. The DOM was created to address the structure of only one type of document, the HTML document. The WaterkenTM Doc document model defines a structure that any type of document can adhere to. The "document model" corresponds more closely to the W3C's "infoset" terminology.


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