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The Name

WaterkenTM is the combination of two words, water and ken. Ken means 'within the bounds of understanding'. WaterkenTM means that 'water is within the bounds of my understanding'.

Of all things in the natural world, water is among the simplest. With the whole periodic table of elements at its disposal, water is just H20: two hydrogen and one oxygen. Yet, water is the basis for all life, for activities both physical and biological.

WaterkenTM is my declaration that I understand that what makes water so useful is its simplicity. From its cunningly simple design comes the power to cleanse, shape continents, and nurture life.

WaterkenTM is also my declaration to hold water as my ideal in all that I create. As a software developer, this is no mean feat. Typically, the measure of software greatness is proportional to the number of features, lines of code and complexity of design. Waterken Inc. takes the opposite approach. The power of WaterkenTM software is derived from small, simple objects.

The People

Tyler Close, Founder and CEO

Tyler received his BASc. in Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo in 1998. He also studied for a year at the EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Tyler has been creating software since 1993. He has worked for Northern Telecom and Swisscom. While working for Northern Telecom, he wrote code for IVR (Interactive Voice Response) software. For Swisscom, he created a GSM handover tuning platform called Netune. Tyler is the primary architect of the WaterkenTM software platform.

Tyler has also won several awards for his software designs:

  • The e-gold prize at the EFCE conference for the presentation judged to most advance the state of financial cryptography, 2000.
  • The W.R. Petri Award for Best Overall Design at the Canadian Engineering Competition, 1998.
  • The Technical Excellence Award from the Council of Ontario Deans of Engineering, 1998.
  • The Corporate Design Award from the Ontario Engineering Competition, 1998.

Send mail to: tyler@waterken.com, using his PGP key.

PGP fingerprint: B3DE 3E6D DAC4 A213 C2EE DAF3 7D49 789C FC2A AC41

Sue Butler, Application UI Programmer and Web Developer

Sue received her BA in Business and Psychology from University of California, Berkeley in 1998.

Sue has been working in new media since graduation, building and producing web sites. Before joining Waterken Inc., she was the producer for Ask Jeeves' consumer site.

At Waterken Inc., Sue is responsible for the web site, application UI, and documentation.

Send mail to: sue@waterken.com, using her PGP key.

PGP fingerprint: 327A 6536 333C B820 26F3 06A6 5B08 078C C382 D3AB

The Company

Waterken Inc. is an Anguillan corporation incorporated on February 16th, 1999. You can send mail to:

Waterken Inc.

Box 1397

The Valley, Anguilla

British West Indies


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